I am a people watcher, I love walking with my camera and just look at my surroundings, whether I'm in the city or coastal resort or even at a rural event, I can't stop taking candid images. People feature mostly in my images, also animals, you know cats, dogs and pigeons. I like to look for unusual and funny situations that occur, even signage. My images for me must have a narrative that you the viewer can see and understand. I seem to be in an elevated state almost like a trance, a heightened feeling where I can see images appear, where the ordinary exists.

Throughout the years I have taken on many types or styles of photography, Reportage, Travel, Equestrian, Landscape, Garden, Pet and video production, but I never found one that I wanted to stick with, until one day back in 2012 I went on a walking holiday, 100 miles along the Cleveland Way, it was a wet walk. In-fact 2012 in the United Kingdom was the wettest year on record. It was my last day, but instead of walking the last ten miles, I spent the day in Scarborough, it was here that I went into Waterstones to buy a book on Landscape photography but came out with a book which has changed my photography for ever, the book in question,' Street Photography Now,' I looked through the pages and I saw the type of images that I take, and I found myself, I am a street photographer.

I hope you will enjoy my work.

Born, yes in 1954

I had my first camera, a plastic Dianne Camera which took 120 roll film when I was about 9 years old, I photographed my family and pets mostly.

1970 started work as an electrician and bought a Zenith E, a heavy Russian camera plus lens and macro equipment, photographed a lot of insects and plants.

Fell in love with an Olympus OM1 so I bought two of them with two lens a 28mm and a 50mm. Start taking photographs and writing articles for my local newspaper, The Beccles and Bungay Journal.
Sent in my first pictures and articles to the paper which was published. Did the same the following week but did not get published, but to my surprise the then editor, Tony James, came round and said that he was very impressed with my standard of photography and articles, and the quickness of printing them, ( all black and white and printed in the bathroom), that he wanted me to work for the paper on a freelance basis. This I jumped at and worked for the paper for several years, until I got married.

During this period in the late seventies and early eighties my work was published in numerous magazines and newspapers. I was paid more for my pictures than I was earning as an electrician.

I started to travel, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece France and Germany. I loved this and sent in various illustrated articles to the National Geographic, almost got published but someone else beat me to an article about a long distance route.

Got into video production in the late 90's and produced my own programmes on equestrian and countryside subjects, including walking routes, these sold worldwide.

1990's Had an article and several images published in Skirmish magazine, but no payment.

2010 Met one of my hero's, Steve McCurry at a travel show in London, who gave me great advice.

2010 - 2012 self published two books with

2014 My first of two walking books published by A Boot Up, Constable Country.

As above now back doing the photography that I love, Street Photography. Unfortunately my dream of becoming a professional photographer full time hasn't happened yet, Still working as an Electrical Engineer. Still married to the same woman,

Camera's, two Canon EOS 30D, one Canon EOS 5D Mk111, 10mm to 24mm lens, 28mm to 75mm lens, 75mm to 300mm lens
I Love to make Funny Composite pictures of Animals in human like situations, using Photoshop.
Favourite Music, Dance, Tiesto, Faithless etc.
I love, Walking short and long distance. Animals, Healthy food, and lot's of chocolate, humour, science fiction, space travel, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
Age is just a number
Favourite saying, You are the master of your ship the keeper of your destination, ( so you can only blame yourself when it all goes wrong).

About Alan